Reliability Ratings and Detailed TraceabilitY

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Reliability Rating, component by component

Board ratings predict the probability of meeting expected MTBF rates and maintaining quality over time. The inspection certificate confirms that every component on the board was inspected for authenticity, batch homogeneity, packaging defects, tampering and solderability concerns.

Cybord board component rating
Cybord Traceability

Detailed Visual Traceability

Traditional traceability systems rely on inputted data and simply follow a paper trail.  Visual traceability includes Cybord’s inspection data,  adding a layer of authentication to the traceability mechanism. Visual traceability validation takes place at assembly time and guarantees that every used component  adheres to its documentation and meets design specifications. Each certificate comes with online access to visual traceability data that can be analyzed for smart, surgical recalls and any other analysis.

Board Component Ratings

A histogram detailing the rating distribution of all the components on the board. Component rating is based on its authenticity, packaging defects, leads condition and evidence of tampering.

More components in the green section means the product is less likely to experience electronic failure.

Apparent Age of Leads

Component age can be estimated by assessing the solderability of its leads. Aging leads suffer from bonding issues, leading to reliability issues.   Aging leads  may also point at documentation mismatch and counterfeiting. More components in the green indicate a smaller chance to solderability and reliability issues.

Batch Ratings

An at-a-glance view of the rating distribution for boards produced in the current batch (work order). Compare this board’s reliability rating in relation to other units. 

Cross-Site Benchmark

Similar to the Batch Ratings histogram, this chart details all board ratings from across your manufacturing network.  Easily compare ratings between multiple contract manufactures possibly in-house production. This chart can be customized to include multiple board models and specific manufacturing sites.