quality components
means higher reliability

Supply chain resilience

Increase your supply chain’s ability to withstand disaster with minimal impact.


  • Detect supply chain contamination early.
  • React in real time to prevent assembly of suspect material.
  • Benchmark board ratings and component suppliers across multiple production sites.
  • Access visual traceability data for failure analysis and recall criteria optimization.

Quality and provenance

counterfeit electronic parts

Digitalizing electronic component authentication, inspection and traceability in one software solution.


  • Reduce RMA rates.
  • Reduce recall rates and recover from recalls with minimal impact.
  • Improve your component sourcing intelligence.
  • Infuse transparency into manufacturing with real-time cross-site visibility.
  • Increase your first pass yield rate.


Programming detection ensures that your component’s software was not modified.

  • Detect components with potential hardware-level backdoors and silicon timebombs.
  • Ensure your products will function as expected.
  • Protect your end-users and critical infrastructure from firmware attacks. 


The only traceability system that combines provenance, quality and visual evidence.

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