Did you lately try to purchase a new car, a new laptop, or a new phone, and you were told by the seller that you will need to

wait for a few months because there are delivery issues?

The entire market of electronics goods depends on the availability of the small building blocks of the PCB: the electronic components. When there is a shortage

of electronic components, it acts like

a snowball on the entire supply chain, thus affecting the availability of the final goods. People are waiting for months for their new cars, laptop, washing machines, or cell phones—all because of missing a small chip from the stock.

As a result, the gray market of coun- terfeit and refurbished components has become an even greater issue than it
was before. When there is a vacuum of components, someone will see this as an opportunity and fill the gap. Of course, Electronic Manufacturing Suppliers (EMS) cannot take the risk of using coun- terfeit, refurbished, or non-authorized components. But until now, they did not really have a proper, scalable, and reliable way to ensure that their entire supply chain is authentic.

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