Controlling component quality,from supply chain to customer.

Component level inspection is now available during PCB assembly, where it matters most. By integrating with existing manufacturing equipment, Cybord SMT visually analyzes and quantifies the provenance, quality and security of each assembled component and the entire assembled board. Analytics and alerts are shared via MES systems to hold suspect material, benchmark the supply chain and optimize customer support.



Tap into the power of our AI models and component fingerprint database to ensure the authenticity of every assembled component.

Validate part types, manufacturers and date codes, and verify batch homogeneity. Keep counterfeit and recycled parts out of your production line and save on internal and external failure costs associated with product failure.

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Screen all components for external imperfections that can reduce your MBTF. Improve the outcome of your manufacturing process and secure your reputation by ensuring that all components comply with desired specifications.

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Cyber warfare is one of the biggest and most complex battlefields today. Cybord SMT reduces the cyberattack vector by detecting reprogrammed components, thus sanitizing the supply chain to protect products and clients from cyberthreats. Validate the integrity of the software running on your hardware, and ensure that your hardware does not create security risks for other systems.

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With flexible integration, manufacturing IT systems (MES,ERP) get component visibility and take actionable decisions.Alerting the AOI, issuing rework requests, placing material on quarantine and alerting the supply chain improve production yield, increase first pass yield rates and arm the enterprise with material intelligence.

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Visibility Across Contract Manufacturers

Get visibility and actionable insights with real time quality inspection from across your contract manufacturers’ sites. Measure the quality of contractors and suppliers, and configure rules for better manufacturing control.

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Supply Chain Agility

Cybord SMT detects supply chain contamination events early in the assembly process, and alters the supply chain with supporting documentation for taking further action. Arm your supply chain with critical information about sourced components to recover from contamination events quickly. Generate automatic Non Conforming Material Forms for suspect material, and rate suppliers based on quality of sourced goods.

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Board Certification

Manufacture with confidence during the COVID-19 supply chain turbulence. Electronic manufacturers no longer have to rely solely on supplied documentation – Cybord SMT combines quality and authenticity validation to generate a proof of provenance for every manufactured product. Visual placement traceability is the most detailed and cost effective solution on the market.

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Optimized Defect Recovery

Cybord SMT provides AI tools that pinpoint potential units of concern based on failing component characteristics. Recalling products by component lots or entire reels is simply inefficient. With optimized defect analytics, repair and customer service costs are reduced, while customer satisfaction remains high.

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