The Science Behind Cybord

SMT pick and place

Acquire component images from SMT pick and place machines

circuit board

Learn and analyze components using AI and a component knowledgebase

Report to management, alert the MES and trace component placement

AI and Big Data Analysis in Under 100ms


Identification and measurements

Detection of component type and measurement analysis ensure that the right component is placed on the board.

Electronics homogeneity verification

Homogeneity verification

Analysis of external characteristics across all reel components verifies material is of the same date code , lot code and batch.

contract electronics manufacturing

Manufacturer Detection

Ensuring the intended component manufacturer is used, in accordance with component documentation and AVL (Approved Vendor List).

securing hardware

Component Tampering

Component reprogramming detection to avoid silicon time-bombs, backdoors and other malicious actions.

component defect analysis

Defect Analysis

Inspecting the components for external damage to ensure material is in mint, intact condition.

solderability test

Lead Age & Condition

Detection of apparent lead age to prevent soldering issues, manual rework and in-field failure.

oem manufacturing

Placement Traceability

AI analysis of all components and assemblies for optimizing material sourcing and ensuring optimal performance.

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