Our latest webinar, titled ‘Maintaining Supply Chain Resilience with Digital Component Inspection’ is now available for watching     About this webinar: COVID-19 is affecting electronics manufacturing in ways that are difficult to predict. Adapting to this new reality, global supply chains lack critical information about sourced components and face long process recovery times. Production rates, product reliability and business continuity are at risk. We  invite you to learn how to mitigate supply chain weaknesses in the COVID-19 era, using Industry 4.0 technologies. – Discover how Cybord’s inspection software integrates with manufacturing operations to combat common supply chain vulnerabilities. – Learn how validating the provenance and physical condition of every assembled electronic component improves quality, narrows recall criteria and arms the supply chain with concern evidence. – Get insights on supply chain hardware cyber attacks and how they can be eliminated. – See how leading companies manage their material with real-time shop floor & inventory visibility. In this webinar, we will discuss – Current lab inspection techniques – Digitally transforming the component inspection process – Tools for taking rapid recovery action – Real life examples and benefits to the supply chain